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Why hasn't DFS been corrected? | Reply
I was going to point out the DFS iterative algorithm doesn't work, but I see I'm 5 years too late. Why hasn't it been corrected? did it revert or something?

The section would be much clearer if two approaches were explained separately - visiting all nodes (as a flood-fill needs to do) versus visiting all paths. The iterative and recursive solutions for all nodes could be presented, then a single line change in the recursive solution could be used for all paths and one could either point out the difficulty of doing the same thing iteratively or provide the more awkward iterative sol'n:

stack choices, path;
node here;


while (here= top(choices)) {
push(here, path);

check exit conditions;

for all neighbors(here) not in path push(neighbor,choices);

while top(path) == top(choices) pop(path), pop(choices) //backtrack