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paper from TC about projects involved | Reply
Long long time ago I remember (but have not managed to find the proper thread) that it was discussion about how to use the TopCoder experience in job application process.
And it was stated that it is possible to receive official document from TopCoder with information about the projects a member was involved. Is it still true?
Thanks for any answer.
Re: paper from TC about projects involved (response to post by vilain) | Reply
There is no formal way of requesting it. But I am sure TopCoder will happily give you a letter if that can keep you competing (I could not locate the thread too. But if my memory is correct, the reply was by mess). So mail them and ask for it.
Re: paper from TC about projects involved (response to post by prunthaban) | Reply
Thanks for suggestions. I analyzed a little bit the post history of mess and found 2 useful threads (you are the author of the first one ;))