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Ratings and Colors | Reply
I feel that the ranges for the colors are too wide, and perhaps smaller ranges should be introduced. Currently, you have:

3000-2500 red
2499-2000 yellow
1999-1500 blue
1499-1000 green
0999-0000 light white

Perhaps you could further divide the yellow, blue and green ranges like so:

2499-2250 bright yellow
2249-2000 dark yellow
1999-1750 bright blue
1749-1500 dark blue
1499-1250 bright green
1249-1000 dark green

This would increase the visual cues for distinguishing between member ratings, and allow the color to help even more than it does currently. It also allows a member to have a more attainable "color change" in their future, rather than being stuck in the same color forever...

What do others think?
Re: Ratings and Colors (response to post by huntergt) | Reply
I think I already can't tell the difference between what you extra-rods-or-cones-or-whichever-it-is people call "blue" and "light white"! Stop discriminating against the handicapped!
Re: Ratings and Colors (response to post by Psion) | Reply
Maybe they should take advantage of the space they use for that pointless "ball" they have and use different shapes, to go with each color. I never saw the point of having that much space on the screen allocated for something that never changes. Maybe TC could allow us to personalize our "balls" with our own monochrome bitmaps of the same size. :P
Re: Ratings and Colors (response to post by Psion) | Reply
and those using laptops (<1500 look all the same)!

Seriously though - that may be too many colors to remember what is what. However, I would think that dividing the 1000-1500 (where a majority of people are) would not be a bad idea (as long as their bold colors!).

The #1 ranked should have their own color (or maybe a rainbow affect - each letter in the nickname a different color).
Re: Ratings and Colors (response to post by Logan) | Reply
logan's has a very good point. If you used three or four shapes to show your relative position within the rank. Triangle for upper third, ball for middle third, Reverse triangle for lower third. The #1 rank could then use a bulleye target...