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Divisions | Reply
While the current division breakdown seems to be working well in most cases, I've heard some complaints about the current structure, so I'm curious what ideas people have for modifying the structure. I have a few I'd like to toss out:

"Iron Man": Put the top 8 ranked coders in room 1. Put 9-16 in room 2, etc. This would make the competition rather fierce in each room, but I think in a good way. Awards would be scaled appropriated so that room 1 would have high awards while the last room has less. Unrated people would compete against each other.

"Tin Man": Rather than having a variable number of divisions as the Iron Man suggests, use the current scheme except with 3-5 divisions.

"Ladder": Rather than using a coder's rating to decide which division to play in, implement a ladder scheme. All players on the same 'rung' compete in a division. Coders get promoted/demoted based on how well they place in their rooms.
Re: Divisions (response to post by qubits) | Reply
I have no complaints about the current setup. Though the Iron Man would be great for spectators, it might lead to the same people competing against each other each contest. As the rating system continues to be refined I don't think that the ladder approach is appropriate, especially as the mix of participants in any one contest continues to vary. Adding an additional division (Tin Man) as the number of contestants increases seems the most reasonable. All of this, of course, is based on my current position. As my rating changes, one way or the other, no doubt my perspective on this will change as well.
Re: Divisions (response to post by wyzmo) | Reply
i think tin man sounds best. i think if winnings versus rating were graphed then most of the blues would win less than the high greens (1350-1500), even though (ratings indicate) that the blues are better. I think something like 1 division for <1000, one for 1000-1500, one for 1500-2000, and one for 2000+ would be great.. but that of course reflects my rating and experience. It just doesn't seem well balanced if a 600 has to compete with a 1400, or a 1600 has to compete with a 2400 in the same division...
Re: Divisions (response to post by qubits) | Reply
I'd like to see Iron Man, but with a bit of a shuffle before hand. With the shuffle, contestants could be shifted up or down a few position in rank (just for the purposes of room assignment) so the #8 ranked coder doesn't always get stuck in room 1, but occasionally is in room 2.

I particularly like the unrated people competing against each other as I could tell my friends, just try it once, 1 of every 3 first time players wins a prize!