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Re: Rejecting a company (response to post by dcp) | Reply
I don't actually know who interviewed me, he just said his name. I just want to politely reject them as you said, but I want to apply there again next year. So I need to make sure that it won't affect my chances for the future with that company.
Re: Rejecting a company (response to post by ortschun) | Reply

My personal opinion on this is that I agree 100% with dok's post at that link.

Of course, your situation may be a bit different in that you seem to just want to politely reject the interview with the second company since you already accepted the first position. I see no harm in just explaining to the other company that you already accepted another position, but just be sure to thank them for considering you. I don't think you will burn any bridges that way. One thing that's always good to do also is to send the company (or more specifically, the individuals who interviewed you) a thank you letter in writing.
Rejecting a company | Reply
If you have already accepted an offer from a company, and meanwhile another company have offered you a second interview, how would you reject the interview offer so that you won't burn the bridges with them?