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Re: Do you think you could use competition outside TC to get work done? (response to post by Orange_Cloud) | Reply
that's another good reason why you shouldn't do ethically questionable jobs, on RAC or elsewhere.
edit: missed noun. Seriously, I totally agree that significant fraction of RAC jobs are very bad - but also very obviously bad. E.g. a job that has to do with c++ and gmail, yahoo, facebook, etc. and the coder must be from eastern europe and details are to be discussed in private. Looks fishy, like a login stealer. Now, if someone writes a login stealer, and doesn't get paid, I say, serves him right.
Good point about difference in communities as well. Another reason why TC cannot be compared to RAC, and why TC approach is less likely to work on RAC. I may be broadly over generalizing but I think that competitive approach ought to be more successful in a 'programming as sport' community, like TopCoder's, than in some other 'programming as daily job for a living' community, even though there ought to be some overlap.
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