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Re: Career Advice C++, C# or Java (response to post by gautamverma) | Reply
Make sure you read the tutorials of tracks for which you are registering.
If you register for a project, make sure you read all the supplied documents and participate in the projects discussion forum. You may not have submission in the first project itself.
But do download the winning submission and go through the submission.
You need to provide submission atleast after 2-3 projects, then only you will know where you are making mistakes ( reviews are very important).

Only after practice you can be successful. No one is born developer/designer. It may take more time for you but will surely win submission

You can also download components here
Re: Career Advice C++, C# or Java (response to post by scarletnguyen) | Reply
first of all thanks for a reply.
can you suggest me some material to read regarding design & development, so that i can understand the matter fully.
Re: Career Advice C++, C# or Java (response to post by gautamverma) | Reply
You probably need to finish your Software Design and Development classes first before you can understand materials in Development or Design competition on TopCoder. These classes will teach you how to read the software documents, how to work as a team, how to use CVS (Control Version System, basically to manage your team's source code), etc.

If you would like to do some simple software or program, what I did is googling some basic tutorials. Like when I wanted to study J2EE, I searched for J2EE simple Hello World Project. There will be some useful links showing you what softwares you need, what the steps to develop a software are, etc. After that, you create your own simple project (manage your classes, manage topcoder problems??) and work on it. While working on these projects, you will get more experiences on how to develop a good software or how to manage projects.
Re: Career Advice C++, C# or Java (response to post by d000hg) | Reply
any ideas about testing one's knowledge of language?
of course learning means to know how to use and when to use.
I think language test can be done only with anyone making and an application in that language, but i am not able to start with it. I tried my hand in other fields than algorithms in topcoder but ended up with confusion.
They were above my level, as a undergraduate i don't know exactly software basics and how to proceed for making a software or an application?
So can you guide me how to start for this, so that it can help me in the future to improve my prospectus.
I know to good extend c, c++, and java ,few web-scripting languages such as php, javascript and can handle a Database too.
Re: Career Advice C++, C# or Java (response to post by metdos) | Reply
This early on in your career, it's really not a big deal. There are some who argue that knowing a lower-level language like C++ is better because it makes it easier to learn other languages and gives you a better understanding of how the computer works.
I'd say there's two common options:
1)pick a language and get good with it, know the libraries well as well as the language itself
2)get experienced with several languages.

I'd say 2) is preferable, BUT you want to make sure you know one language well rather than having poor skills in 3.
Re: Career Advice C++, C# or Java (response to post by d000hg) | Reply
Thanks for the reply,

As you said, they don't care much to specific programming languages I know at the time. By the way, my consideration is about future.
-May gaining experience in one of them have any advantage over others? or
-If you know your area good, it does not matter what language you know?
Re: Career Advice C++, C# or Java (response to post by metdos) | Reply
It is more probable you would find a job involving Java or C#, than C++. I'd imagine there are probably more people using Java than C# but it depends quite a lot on what industry you want to work for, and if you want to work in desktop applications, web applications or back-end server programming.

However, good companies won't hire graduates based on what languages they know, they'll look to hire people with raw skills, probably demonstrated by knowing any mainstream language well.
Career Advice C++, C# or Java | Reply
Hello Everybody,

I am graduating in a couple of days. It seems that I will have different options to start my work life. I want to ask you about your ideas and experiences. Which of programming languages or platforms do you think better to start a career as a software developer? My primary options are C++, C# and Java.