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Last 5000 characters returned | Reply
I think I understand the reasoning behind only showing the last 5000 characters of output when running a test (to show the latest information displayed by the code?). I'd like to argue that you should show the first 5000 characters instead...

Why I would like to see that change is in the case of an infinite loop (which I seem very capable of doing on the 1000pt optimization problems). When you fall into a loop, eventually you get an exception with over 5000 chars worth of stack trace (same method call over and over and over). For me to fix that - I'd put in displays of some variables to help me determine how I'm falling into it. However, by return the last 5000 - all I see is the stack trace (worthless) because my display's are prior to the trace (>5000 away). If I were to see the FIRST 5000 - I'd see my variables, the exception header then all the worthless stuff (up to 5000).

Second, I'd argue that nobody writes out more than 5000 chars of debug info (could be wrong but I doubt it). So returning the last 5000 rule doesn't really doesn't do anything but hurt our debugging...