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Uses of C++ for non-algorithms | Reply
I've used C++ for things like these:
* school assignments
* personal one time or other small projects
* algorithm contests

Has anyone used C++ for significant jobs not related to the types above ?

I am asking, because, when I wrote code for a living "a job", it was usually not C++. For websites I've used PHP, for small applications I've used C# or Java, and still most of those were for school. Have you used C++ for other things than then ones I've listed ?
Re: Uses of C++ for non-algorithms (response to post by dennismv) | Reply
Are you asking about TC members experience specifically, or are you just asking in general, who uses C++ for non-trivial things?

If you mean just in general, here is a list of software developed in C++.

It's rather impressive. :-)
Re: Uses of C++ for non-algorithms (response to post by royappa) | Reply
I am asking because I have an existential C++ crisis.

I know a subset of C++ that generally allows me to use it for CLI (command line interface) programs, which is not that much, considering the wide range of applications for which C++ can be used. The GUI C++ experience I've had was a couple of random MFC program I wrote and a class on using MFC. I don't know Windows API, which is probably what I am missing, since somewhere I feel that I "should" or "want to" write applications for Windows in C++. Looking further however, I don't think I want to write applications for Windows, unless perhaps I find a job with an already established company that does that.

I use PHP, Perl and Java for my current job, and not C++. I feel like I "should" or "would like to" use C++, since I've had a lot of training on it, but I don't as it is not the right tool for the job. Still I feel that I have this algorithmic C++ knowledge that mainly shines through algorithm contests. I feel that I could also be using it elsewhere, for something productive, like income-production. And I don't. Hence I put my soul-searching post here asking people what they are actually using C++ for, hoping that someone may say something I haven't thought of before, or at least to satisfy my world-view that people generally don't use C++ for things other than algorithm contests and school projects.

The list you gave is indeed impressive. My direction of work has been web development, which is probably not very conducive to C++ by its nature. But I still use C++ for contests, which are fun ... in a masochistic sort of way.
Re: Uses of C++ for non-algorithms (response to post by dennismv) | Reply
Check Qt, and things made in it; it just might inspire.