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Fresher Job Search, India | Reply

I am an undergraduate student IIIT, Jabalpur, India going to pass out in April 2009. I need some suggestions/tips for offline placement.

My current CPI is 8.2 and overall good academic record. I know the recession has made things worse and it very difficult to get offline job for fresher who has no experience. I have registered at Naukri and Monster but thats not helping (may be because I am inexperienced). I am an algorithm and programming enthusiast and want a job in my field of interest. I participate in many programming contests and lately my position is improving but I could not much participate at topcoder mainly because of timing issues.

Basically I need to take some initiatives on my own for a job and I am clueless as what they should be. Any comments/sugesstions are welcome.
Re: Fresher Job Search, India (response to post by nomind) | Reply
Campus placements are always the best place to get recruited. If there is one going in your campus then you must seriously give it a try.

I wonder if no company visited/plans to visit IIIT ?

It appears from your post that you want to work on some research in the field of algorithms. Companies these days are in no mood to take chances. Most of them aren't recruiting and if they do, they want some one who can hit the ground running from day one.

Having had gone through a slowdown earlier, I have a few points that I can share based on my earlier experience.

  • The first point I would tell you is not to get frustrated.

  • Explore your network
    Try exploring your networks to see if you could get some employee referrals. Companies these days are playing it safe. If they have open headcount, they are looking at employee referral as a better way (to keep the expenditure in limit). A lot of people know better than me on how to use social networking and get a job :)

  • Keep focusing on basics.
    If I were to interview a fresher, I would be looking for someone who knows say basic concepts of oops, can write simple program (be it C or Java or any pseudo language), can write SQL queries.

    When you start reading multiple things, right from English vocabulary to puzzles and problem solving to Java/C#, people tend to forget the basics like -the difference between compile time and run time polymorphism.Even if they know, Im sure more than half would fail to express it.

  • Improve you communication skills
    There is a lot of stuff on internet. You can explore.

  • Don't be rigid
    If someone offers you an inferior job - say support job don't deny it. Its better to start with something and later switch over to the area you like. If you are offered a job with no salary (or even internship), take it and start working because that adds to your experience.

  • Approach companies proactively
    There are some small companies, which need freshers. Its better you approach them proactively. Sometimes, the best way is to visit them personally/get an appointment with the HR. HRs in small companies, which have open headcount will be more than willing to talk to you.
  • Re: Fresher Job Search, India (response to post by sb99) | Reply
    First of all, thanks for the reply. I am very happy to get a response after one month of posting this.

    All the suggestions are very useful and I will try to proactively follow them. Only thing is that I am myself not very good in networking but I will try to improve that. Problem solving and design of algorithms are my passion but since I am a fresher I am willing to start from anything.

    PS: Just to make it loud and clear, no company has visited the college which I joined with AIEEE AIR 5039 till date. Campus placements and the college are in a messy situation and lot of other details which you may not want to know. I, during this, also got a taste of how things work in India. But never mind am not frustrated and I am ready to do everything that is needed.
    Re: Fresher Job Search, India (response to post by nomind) | Reply
    Good to know you have a decent academic background that you can project in your resume. As you have already stated about messy situations, once you are out of your college you will get to see many such things so be prepared ! With the slowdown, not only freshers, even people with 5 to 10 years of experience (who use to sell as hot cakes previously) are finding it difficult to find a job. All said, internet is your best friend to land you in a job. All you have to do is keep on exploring.

    Having said that, it would be a better idea to plan for higher studies if you are inclined.

    Good Luck !
    Re: Fresher Job Search, India (response to post by sb99) | Reply
    I was doing just that as you replied. I am very much inclined to study but probably aboard. But there finances are a problem. Anyway I have applied for the research fellowship of IIT Bombay. I hope to get that.
    Re: Fresher Job Search, India (response to post by nomind) | Reply
    Just wanted to share that I got an offer from Directi. And in this tough times it is better to give the best you can to anything and everything rather than hoping for the best to come to you.
    Re: Fresher Job Search, India (response to post by nomind) | Reply
    Thats great ! Congrats and Good Luck.
    Re: Fresher Job Search, India (response to post by sb99) | Reply
    Many many thanks to you.
    Re: Fresher Job Search, India (response to post by sb99) | Reply
    I got into a medium sized(10000+ employees) company as a campus recruit around 18 months back.I must say that the training they provided was good. But after my training very little has happened, i worked in a project where i had to analyze the code and prepare a document.After that i worked really very less.I was offered a support kind of a work, which i rejected(should i feel bad about it?).For around 6 months now, iam being paid for doing nothing(iam on the 'bench' as they say in India), but it looks like my career has taken a downward plunge :( . What do you think i should do now? Look for a switch of company(which people say is risky at this time). Is there any other way to rebuild my falling career?
    Re: Fresher Job Search, India (response to post by samshu) | Reply
    Use your time to learn things and get experience? I don't understand the whole point of complaining "I'm paid for doing nothing, I'm so unhappy!!!" :) As a more specific suggestion, you might find interesting contributing to some open source project. I heard hiring manegers value it a lot, although I don't have extensive interview experience. Topcoder can be a good place to learn too.
    Re: Fresher Job Search, India (response to post by samshu) | Reply
    >>Look for a switch of company(which people say is risky at this time)
    Unless you have worked on technologies like BI/SAP areas, I doubt if you can make a switch easily in the current economic conditions.

    Your company has been very generous in retaining you even after 6 months on bench. If possible, try speaking to managers in your/other departments and offer them your services. Some managers accept less experienced guys as shadow resources but you have to convince them that you are a capable person.

    If learning and exposure bothers you then you are already in the right place. To get exposure to design and development aspects, you can give a try on component development and design competitions. There is a lot you can learn by spending more time here.
    Re: Fresher Job Search, India (response to post by samshu) | Reply
    Building your resume is probably the most proactive thing you can do now!

    Join some open source project as Orange_Cloud says or work on some filed that interests you much and try to come up with a paper on that field. If you are intending to come back to academia for MS or any higher education, papers may be greatly valued and your research on the field may give you more ideas. It may even impress companies that specialize in your field and may get you a job there. And of course, you can try to participate in Component competitions at TC and make money!

    Am just in college 3rd year end now! Should be facing the full brunt of this economic downturn next year! :(