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"Bookshelf" section in CV. | Reply
Do you have "Bookshelf" section in your CV? What do you put there? Do you think it is the right thing to do?
Re: "Bookshelf" section in CV. (response to post by muxecoid) | Reply
Sorry for my ignorance, but what is "Bookshelf" ? I googled it quickly, but found nothing relevant.
Re: "Bookshelf" section in CV. (response to post by Mloody2000) | Reply
I have no formal degree in Comp. Sc. So I want to let my potential employer know that I read smart books. Like GoF Design Patterns, Code Complete, etc...
Re: "Bookshelf" section in CV. (response to post by muxecoid) | Reply
I don't think it's a good idea for several reasons.

The main one is that such a list should be rather exhaustive to give a good appreciation of what you've done and this could be very place consuming at your resume (at least me, in financial area, I read tens or hundreds of books, it would be hard to list them all).

Secondly, you can read a book and don't really learn the ideas it contains (this is especially true in CS).

If you have some skills in that areas, I would rather put it in skills, and detail a little bit, then there will be time to speak about books if you get an interview.
Re: "Bookshelf" section in CV. (response to post by muxecoid) | Reply
I've put in a particular area of self-study, if I have a focused one. I don't think a book list is a good idea. Although, keep in mind that your potential employer should (if any good) Google on your name, and in my case you can find a pretty complete reading list along with my commentaries on some of the books.

(But don't try to try to slap out a whole book list with commentaries in an evening so that an employer will find it, that will probably look suspicious. In my case, the site I participate in is a community of book people with a software bent that I've been a member of for a couple years. Also, LinkedIn has a way to track and review the books you are reading. A blog is also good.)
Re: "Bookshelf" section in CV. (response to post by muxecoid) | Reply
If it is books you have written then that is good.
Re: "Bookshelf" section in CV. (response to post by Rustyoldman) | Reply
If books is written by yourself it goes to list of "publications".

I asked this question at and got an answer that I like. Let me rephrase it:

While ability to read technical stuff and learn from printed material is a competitive advantage many hiring managers and initial-screeners wrongly expect everyone to be everyone applying for technical position to be equally capable at this. Tell about how much you love "Code Complete" during the interview in person.