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Re: Various (response to post by dpecora) | Reply
BTW, I'm sorry if my original message here was a bit whiny and harsh. I had driven on windy mountain roads to an Internet cafe to make last week's TC contest, and was in a rotten mood due to carsickness when I posted the above. I have no doubts that the TC staff have been putting in very long hours for quite some time to improve the quality of the site and of the contests, and I commend them for their efforts.

Re: Various (response to post by Psion) | Reply
Yeah, I was just joking. :) You two have been yellow for a long time, so it makes sense that the low volatility acts as "momentum" to bring back closer to your previous standing. Darned if I can figure out how it works for me though.
Re: Various (response to post by alexcchan) | Reply
I'm assuming it was my volatility going down. I lost circa 200 in one round where my Internet connection cut out in the middle.
Re: Various (response to post by Psion) | Reply
Yes, I'm still puzzled how both of you extended your leads over me by doing worse last round. I think I'll try that tactic next round. ;)
Re: Various (response to post by dpecora) | Reply
I like the rating system fine. I did worse than someone who was a few rating points ahead of me before and managed to slingshot a little ahead of him after. :-)
Various | Reply
Hi there! I have a few items:

(1) I was having some problems with the C++ tester on the 500 pointer in the C++ contest (weird results that looked like segfaults). When I tried to go to practice room 1 today to investigate this more fully I was getting the result "Test Error" even for a simple function that just returned the input string.

(2) History for a coder in the status window from the contest applet shows only 1 line of the test input/resulting output, meaning that it is hard for big inputs to figure out what went wrong, before results are finalized and the more comprehensive history is posted on the website.

(3) For large test case examples (such as today's 1000-pointer) it is not reasonable to ask people to type them in by hand (hard to get exactly correct, especially with variable-width font, and quite time-consuming). Some mechanism for automatic entry should be provided.

(4) The excess in rating system volatility needs to be addressed. Is there an ETA on ratings patch?

(5) Finally, I was curious as to what QA procedures for problems have been put in place, since there still seem to be inconsistencies in problem statements/ bugs in official solutions which are arising during the contests.

Thanks - Dave