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Error in boxing description | Reply

Thanks for the nice overview of 1.5. There is an error in the boxing description.

The tutorial says:

For example, in Java 1.5 this is perfectly valid:

Integer value = 26;

And has the same effect as writing:

Integer value = new Integer (26);

This is not correct as the language spec says this boxing operation must return Integers which are equal to other auto boxed Integers with the same value for values in the range -128 to 127. (see section 5.1.7 Boxing Conversion in "The Java Language Specification, Third Edition")

The equivalent code is really:

Integer value = Integer.valueOf (26);

The Integer.valueOf(int) static method is free to return a reference to an existing Integer that has the same value. This method enforces the language requirement for values between -128 and 127.
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