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Any topcoders working for Huawei? | Reply
Can anyone working for Huawei in IT share his/her experience?

I heard that their starting salary tend to be lower than average but salary adjustment can be quite extreme if you perform well? Is it true?

If you have to guess, what TC rating will be considered well enough there?

Do they have automatic CV screener?

What's the working environment? They seems to reward hard working attitude more than usual?

Suppose salary is not a problem, how long do you want to work there? Couple of months? 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? Forever?

Suppose you can't say to anybody that you are working for Huawei, do you still want to work there?

Do you trust your colleagues enough to make them your bestfriend?

Will it hurt my career if I don't speak mandarin?

Thanks in advance!