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Interview design questions. | Reply

I have an interview with a bank on the horizon and one part of the interview is likely to concern a simple open ended design question possibly to do with client server models and multiple user access to centralised data.

Does anyone know of any resources with sample questions (and analysis) which I can practice?

There are no end of sites with language specific, algorithm specific and brain teaser type questions but I can't find anything concerning more open ended interview questions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Interview design questions. (response to post by Stroker_Ace) | Reply
Do you mean practicing how to actually design a solution to such problems, or practicing how to answer them in an interview?
Re: Interview design questions. (response to post by d000hg) | Reply
Ideally a few simple cases so that I can practice coming up with a simple design and indentify any possible race conditions, synchronization issues, performance issues etc.
Re: Interview design questions. (response to post by Stroker_Ace) | Reply
Well from my experience in the banking sector, they are highly into Java. So a very generic question might be:
"Here is a database recording all bonds. We want to provide a web front-end to access bonds with certain filters, and display a graph of bond value over time. How would you go about approaching this?"