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how recruiting system works | Reply
I'd like to hear, have anyone got response applying to sponsor's job position? Like these:
I did it three times (through the buttons and through emails) and have no feedback. Well, in fact there was one: "are you still interested in applying to ***?". And after answer 'yes', it's quiet again.

It usually takes several months or it means I just was rejected silently?

And it's interesting also to learn if anyone got job that way.
Re: how recruiting system works (response to post by Orange_Cloud) | Reply
TopCoder Sponsors are given access to every TC member who opts in to any position we advertise. In some cases though, there are limitations to the positions that are available to TC members. Not all of our sponsors are hiring in Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, or even the US. So, if the sponsoring companies are US based, like Eli Lilly, the biggest limitation is obtaining a work visa. That being said, Eli Lilly, from what we've been told, is looking for people to work in Warsaw, Poland, and Southeast Asia, and we will push them to contact members who have opted-in from areas who can relocate to those locations.

We have several opportunities through TopCoder not only in the US, but in Europe and Asia, and I would encourage you and everyone in the TopCoder community to continue to opt-in to all of the opportunities presented. We will do everything we can to place you in a position to your liking that will challenge you.

In your particular case, all of your information was submitted to Eli Lilly, and they will contact you if they have a position that fits your skills and experience, and can hire you based on their limitations. If they can’t they probably will not contact you, but there will be companies who will, I’m sure. We have not heard definitively that you are out of consideration, but we will work with Eli Lilly, and all of our sponsors to make sure that they seriously consider you and every TopCoder member for employment.

There have been dozens of members that have secured employment through TopCoder, and we do our best to help our members obtain positions that are challenging and exciting. I hope this helps.
Re: how recruiting system works (response to post by kclune) | Reply
Thanks, I will keep trying :)