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Re: European cities to work (response to post by dhoni) | Reply
I believe it is illegal to disclose the amount that a company is offering.

It can only be "illegal" (that is, you could be liable for breach of contract) when there is such provision in a contract or agreement that you signed. That's rather uncommon. All kinds of parties need or want to know how much you earn (mostly banks and landlords) for legitimate reasons.
Re: European cities to work (response to post by sb99) | Reply
2 to 2.5 Lakhs is low end salary and not the average paid by IT companies. For example the three software giants of India (with a combined 250,000+ employees) are paying 3.2 to freshers on average.
Re: European cities to work (response to post by dhoni) | Reply
It is not uncommon to advertise salaries :)
IIM (Indian Institute for Management) does it every year! They feel proud in claiming that how much salary their students are getting.

In fact Anna University students of 2006 batch got offer from Microsoft for 13.5 Lakhs and it was there in the first page of daily newspapers!
Re: European cities to work (response to post by OuFeRRaT) | Reply
What a funny joke!
Re: European cities to work (response to post by amiune) | Reply
Z├╝rich ... there is Google, IBM, Accenture, HP and so on ... you can speak english in most of these companies, you can use italian that is a national language in Switzerland, quality of life is the best in the world. Salaries are comparable to London ones and swiss franc is a pretty much stable currency, so if $ and EUR jump up and down you don't have to worry that much. Disadvantage: sooner or later you must learn Swiss German .... to get a job in Switzerland is not easy, sometimes impossible if you are not EU citizen.
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