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Kuber Infotek | Reply
Hi everyone, I've been trying to break into the software industry for a while and I recently got a bite with this company, but with very little to go on about them, I'm curious to see if anyone here knows anything about Kuber Infotek, apart from the fact that they seem to be a consulting business run primarily by Indians (in fact, "Kuber" is the Hindu god of wealth, at least from what I found out online). Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Re: Kuber Infotek (response to post by killyosaur) | Reply
I just recieved a job offer from Kuber Infotek a few days ago but I have not find any information or refrences regarding this company. Did you accepted to work with them?
Re: Kuber Infotek (response to post by killyosaur) | Reply
I'm wondering if the 6 minuses is the "gray coder minus syndrome"
Re: Kuber Infotek (response to post by rusolis) | Reply
And your 6 minuses I see now are the result of 'gray-coder-supporter minus syndrome' ;)

PS: And now I am curious to know the result of 'indirect-gray-coder-supporter minus syndrome'. ;)
Re: Kuber Infotek (response to post by prunthaban) | Reply
(gray-coder-minus-syndrome)-supporter-minus-syndrome is much more concrete and easy to measure than gray-coder-minus-syndrome.

However, (gray-coder-minus-syndrome)(-supporter-minus-syndrome)N with n>1 is probably not measurable due to people just giving pluses and minuses based on if they think the name of the syndrome is funny.