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development oppurtunities | Reply
hi every body
iam graduating next i have to decide what to next.
iam interested in going for a job.but the people around me suggesting to go for higher studies.basically i am an electrical student.but iam interested in doing a software job because i like can anyone suggest me the way i have to choose.will there is any difference in the job i get from graduation post graduation.what about various oppurtunities if i go for a job?i mean about the development oppurtunities?
your good advice may change my life.
so help me in deciding the way.
i hope that i will get a valuable advice from tc techies.
Re: development oppurtunities (response to post by kalyan_chekuri) | Reply
i'll try answering in order, in which questions were asked:
i'd also recommend you high. not because you'll find out something really cool, but because you'll meet a lot of according people. your chances to get a nice job are not wery high, because you are not known aground (maybe, 'you' here refers not to you personally, i don't know your situation). programming is interesting for me, that's why i study programming. i'd suggest the same for you.
Re: development oppurtunities (response to post by banin) | Reply
I had a really hard time understanding these two posts because I'm assuming English isn't your first language, but from what I gathered, you are about to graduate from college with a BS in electrical engineering. And you want to program computers and you want to know if you should go get an MS in computer science before getting a job.

From my experience I don't think that you are going to get an incredibly better job just because you have a masters degree in computer science. You would be better off spending those 2-3 years working and getting working experience. Then in 3 years you will be in a good position. If you want to get an MS in computer science, you can always go to school part time at night while your working. Then you'll be getting experience and you can get your MS in about 4 years.

Good luck!