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Re: Problem getting interviewed (response to post by bugzpodder) | Reply
I work as a technical recruiter for an internet start-up company, We do place importance on the interview process, but our main focus is problem solving and coding abilities of candidates. We do have technical assessments that we expect applicants to perform well on. So I definitely recommend that you take those things seriously. Try and share your passion for coding and technology!
Re: Problem getting interviewed (response to post by harvey6ft) | Reply
At our University we have a COOP program, and I've gone through as many as 200 interviews. I know for a fact that in most of these interviews they are almost always more curious about your past job experience and your skillset (whether it be DB, ajax, concurrent programming, C#/Java, or networking protocols knowledge or even math background in numerical analysis) rather than your marks or problem solving/algorithmic abilities. Yes, there are a few who view it as more importantly (such as Google) but of course for these companies they won't let you get away with a bad interview (which ironically consists mostly of problem solving sessions).
Re: Problem getting interviewed (response to post by amitz.sekali) | Reply
The employers that TC works with do weigh your TC rating heavily - especially if you do not have a great deal of experience otherwise.
Re: Problem getting interviewed (response to post by amitz.sekali) | Reply
Age isn't going to matter because looking at your resume it is not so easy to tell what it is. I'm 31 and have several companies wanting to talk to me about jobs and I don't graduate until May.

You are right though, having a job history that is relevant to the kind of job you want is important. Participating in TC can be helpful if they know what TC is and how it can relate to the job. Finding any job, even volunteer work, is helpful. (I practically volunteer my time at my University doing web programming).
Problem getting interviewed | Reply
Well, I'm actually hoping that TC rating can get me an _interview_ first. That's my current problem right now. No company ever call me for an interview for an IT job unless someone they know can vouch for my skill.

The second problem is, my work experiences are getting more and more irrelevant to IT. I need something IT related that can reflect on my current IT skill, which is topcoder.

Given how companies conducted their recruitment at topcoder, do TC rating significantly increase/decrease my chance for getting interviews? How much my ages (almost 30) hurt my interview chance, given that I don't have many IT experiences?