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Work from home | Reply
How many of you in India work from home and what are the pros and cons in working from home ?
Re: Work from home (response to post by Winner5) | Reply
I am not from India, but I do work from home. The pro's are definately that you can choose yourselve how to spend your time. In the project I am doing, I need to make a certain number of hours per week, but nobody really cares when I make them. Like today it's saturday and I am working, but that is just because I wanted to do something else on friday. Another pro is of course that you do not waste time traveling.

The cons are that you are always alone, which can be quite boring from time to time. Another thing is that you have to make phone calls often (which I don't like), while if I would be working in the office (which I sometimes also do) I could just ask the person sitting next to me.
Re: Work from home (response to post by Winner5) | Reply
I'm not from India either but my company allow me to VPN in from my laptop from time to time.

The advantages are:

You can still work even if the transport systems or the weather are doing their best to stop you.

Any out of hours support can be carried out from the comfort of your own home.

I can help if my wife/daughter is ill.

Disadvantages are:

Face to face time is valuable, especially if you need to brainstorm and knock stuuf up on a whiteboard.

It is very tempting to grab something from the fridge.

It can sometimes take home workers a long time to answer the phone or reply to e-mail/IM for some strange reason.......