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Interview Phobia | Reply
I am going to face my job interviews in a few days. But I am aware of one of my weeknesses that can play havoc with my career. I do not remember things by studying only. Some of the theoritical subjects (where we learn facts) like networking, really give me headache. I studied these subjects when they were in the course and performed well but remembering everything and details of many protocols is impossible for me. Similarly with subject say OS i can't remember file systems of operating systems... and many things like that.

I find it easy to remember things that I do ... like I remember most of the things about my summer project because I did them unlike other subject which I studied.

Most of the times something like this happens to me. Someone asks me difference between OSPF and RIP and I fails to explain it properly.I know the basic difference but going into detail is impossible for me. Its not that I do not know it, its just that its not in my active memory.

I know I won't be able to answer some very simple questions because of this limitation.

In short I have this problem I study I forget I do I remember.

How do I tell interviewr about this limitation?
Please guide me to come out of this situation.

This makes me feel like I am not good for technical interviews.
Re: Interview Phobia (response to post by rohitgupta14) | Reply
I think everyone has the same problem, the only advice would be do more ;).
Re: Interview Phobia (response to post by rohitgupta14) | Reply
If the interview is that close, focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses so that you don't face a problem on your strong topics. The next most important advice I can give you: Learn to relax :)