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Re: Lost connections (response to post by Psion) | Reply

Oh please... if you're a professional race driver in the lead of a race, and your car blows a tire 3/4 of the way through the race, resulting in a pit stop that sends you to last place, the race stewards aren't going to give you any pity points toward your standing in the season championship!

They might tell you to buy better tires, though...
Re: Lost connections (response to post by wyzmo) | Reply
I didn't say the applet should be handled any differently. It's about as helpful as technological/fair game rule limits would allow. I just want there to be a way for the system to acknowledge that certain people were unable to participate in the full contest and effective score and rank as if those people withdrew from the contest at their option.
Re: Lost connections (response to post by Psion) | Reply
My only alternative is to use a dial up connection and so the issues you raise about connection loss are indeed a concern. I had to reconnect several times during my first contest. Luckily, all went well, (except my coding), during the most recent contest. Is the new applet more robust regarding connections?
Re: Lost connections (response to post by Psion) | Reply
Oh, and did it turn out the last example in the 1000 problem description was wrong? If so, the whole situation is bad, and there really should be some compensation in rank changes. :-\
Re: Lost connections (response to post by skazzytl) | Reply
I needed 30 more seconds to make a submission that would save me from losing about 150 rank points and bring me from last place to 2nd or 3rd in my room..... I lost at least 5 minutes while the net connection of the university where I'm staying was not working.
Re: Lost connections (response to post by Psion) | Reply
Last school year, my ethernet connection went down on occasion too- something about someone hooking up a device to the network that caused too many frame errors.

I'm lucky that the connection has been pretty stable thus far for the summer, and I haven't lost connection like that during a competition.
Re: Lost connections (response to post by Psion) | Reply
Er, the intent being that you could somehow keep that contest's results out of his rank calculation.
Lost connections | Reply
I don't suppose you could accept a legally binding document from a contestant certifying that his internet connection was brought down during a contest, causing his rank to plummet catastrophically, eh?