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did any one | Reply
did any one try to solve 310 div1 500

with BIT

i solved it with segment trees and i get the worst time aroun .7 sec

i used BIT instead of segment trees and TLE...

Re: did any one (response to post by vlad_D) | Reply
I solved it using similar structure.
Click here


Known bugs:
should be
instead of
in sum().
Luckily it doesn't matter because I only used sum(1,X)

Conclusion: have it prewritten to avoid such misprints :)
Re: did any one (response to post by vlad_D) | Reply
The worst test case runs under 0.2 sec at me (I think 0.144). I made mistake while I indexed values, so maybe it is your mistake (note that value can be 0).

EDIT: Note that I just copied code from tutorial.