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Re: Applet & java 1.3.1 (response to post by romana) | Reply
Ah. Well, fixing the focus problems matters more to me than remembering window layout. I just maximize the editor window and do a quick drag to make the problem pane big enough to read (fortunately you seem to have gotten rid of the permanently disappearing cursor bug, so I can do this).

Have you considered splitting the editor horizontally, rather than vertically? Or perhaps providing an option to choose either?
Re: Applet & java 1.3.1 (response to post by Logan) | Reply
You are both correct. But it has nothing to do with the JRE. The applet has changed in order to prevent the more annoying lost focus bug....which might be fixed in the upcoming release. Each time you open the problem, a new window is created instead of reusing the same one, so basically all window settings are wiped out. This functionality should be restored at some point in the next couple of releases.
Re: Applet & java 1.3.1 (response to post by Pops) | Reply
I've noticed that this has stopped working for me recently, although I have not changed my JRE. So I have no idea what factor it depends on.
Applet & java 1.3.1 | Reply
Someone, a few tourney's ago, mentioned that they go into the practice area prior to the tourney to set the position/size/splitbar position of the problems PRIOR to the tourney. This is done because the problem opens with the last settings (done in the practice area). This has never worked for me using Suns jdk1.3.1.