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"Exercise 2. Ferma numbers..."


"φ(n) ={a ? N: 1 ≤ a ≤ n, gcd(a, n) = 1}"

What is this I with hat (apparently the forum parser cannot recognize the character i copy pasted directly from the article)? I've tried using several encodings (unicode, western, cyrillic). Is it \in or ∈ or ∈ ?

"a φ (n) ? 1 (mod n)."

This degree symbol (again, cannot be recognized by the forum parser) is ≡?

"Any divisor of number n can be represented as a product x1 * x2 * … * x k , where xi � Ai."

Again, is it \in or ∈ or ∈ ?
Re: Typo (response to post by ilham) | Reply
Finally I understood that
"...number n can contain no more than one factor, greater than [square root of] n..."
[square root of] missing obfuscated me a bit...