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does anybody apply for a job in google or other companies on line??
how to get an offer when there's no chance to contact in google??
behavior well enough in any tournament??
Re: QUESTION~ (response to post by wNv.kelly) | Reply
You can send your resume to I asked TopCoder to forward my resume to the right person (thanks Paul!). Of course performing well in programming competitions helps.
Re: QUESTION~ (response to post by wNv.kelly) | Reply
Google contacted me after last year's Code Jam (and I hadn't even done well enough to win a shirt), so competing in the world wide and/or local GCJ's are a good idea if you're looking for a job with them.
Re: QUESTION~ (response to post by wNv.kelly) | Reply
well,thank you for having given me so many suggests,i will try my best and improve myself to be the one who are called by google.
Re: QUESTION~ (response to post by dskloet) | Reply
Does handle companies like google?
Re: QUESTION~ (response to post by prunthaban) | Reply
To answer your question, Topcoder Placement does deal with companies like Google. Google specifically hires with the help of Topoder through the Google Codejam (powered by Topcoder). Other companies with great opportunities contact us to try to find the best talent in the world. Usually we have 3-6 companies we are dealing with at any given time, this in addition to the Topcoder tournament sponsors who are actively searching for talent as well. The best way to find out about the opportunities we have at Topcoder is to sign up for placement at:
Re: QUESTION~ (response to post by wNv.kelly) | Reply