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Re: Giving Notice... (response to post by Stroker_Ace) | Reply
Most importantly, though, don't just resign with the letter. Yes, you'll need a resignation letter, but you should resign verbally and then hand them the letter in person. It's bad form to just hand in a letter and wait for them to read it before discussing your resignation.
Re: Giving Notice... (response to post by d000hg) | Reply
I have just done this recently so....

Address it to your line manager.

Dear xxx.

As required by my contract of employment I hereby give you <notice period> of my intention to resign from my position as <position>.

Keep it short and sweet, don't mention your reasons for leaving or what a hard decision it was to accept another position.

Above all don't burn your bridges and leave on the best possible terms. You never know if you will be back one day or end up working with/for one of your current colleagues.
Re: Giving Notice... (response to post by d000hg) | Reply
When in doubt, supply a copy to both :)
Re: Giving Notice... (response to post by timmac) | Reply
Addressed to the director, or your line manager?
I don't think I know my last day - there is a one month notice period but then they do sums based on how many holiday days you've got left/taken and stuff!

Re: Giving Notice... (response to post by d000hg) | Reply
Just a very simple letter... keep it short and to the point. "I am hereby giving my notice, my last day will be <whenever>"
Giving Notice... | Reply
How does one do this, if it has to be in writing?