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Can we have the schedule? | Reply
Like what college TC would "visit" at each SRM...
Re: Can we have the schedule? (response to post by wrick) | Reply
We generally add them on an as-requested basis, but will consider posting a schedule once it fills out a bit more. If you currently attend a U.S. college and would like to request a stop at your school, please email and let us know.

For those of you who are international students, we are looking to expand a version of the College Tour to include other countries, however it would not include a visit from TopCoder. We are very interested in ACTIVE COMPONENT COMPETITORS who would like to help us out with organizing these types of events in other countries. If anyone is interested, please email

We will also be rolling out a more robust College Tour (i.e., including algorithm and component competitions) in China later this year. Students at Chinese colleges/universities who are interested in participating should also email
Re: Can we have the schedule? (response to post by mbnd96) | Reply
I'm curious, why would they have to be active component competitors?
Re: Can we have the schedule? (response to post by dskloet) | Reply
Our primary focus in the international College Tour events is increasing component competitors, at least at first. Thus, we are looking for folks who are well-versed with the component competition process.
Re: Can we have the schedule? (response to post by mbnd96) | Reply
I was just wondering, approximately how soon should we expect an answer after we email that address? (no pressure, really just wondering =) ).