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Joel on Resumes | Reply
I don't usually read Joel on Software, but I find his article on sorting resumes amusing, especially this part for Topcoders:

Brains. In this category we?re looking for evidence that a candidate is, well, smart, or at least, the kind of nerdy brainiac that went to math camp. Signs of this include high GPAs, high standardized test scores, honors societies like Phi Beta Kappa, people who participate in Top Coder competitions, play competitive chess, or go to ACM Programming contests.
Re: Joel on Resumes (response to post by Larry) | Reply
I found it a little surprising that competing in TopCoder and ACM Programming contests came under the Brains section. I would have thought that competing in the competitions would fit better under the Passion section, and the Brains section could include performing well in these competitions (having a high rating at TopCoder or qualifying for the world finals of the ACM for example).
Re: Joel on Resumes (response to post by aussie) | Reply
I was thinking about that too.. but of course, it takes a certain kind of passion to get there!
Re: Joel on Resumes (response to post by aussie) | Reply
My bet is on regularly participating in those contests.
Only a few people will keep trying with no success.

But even those who have no success and keep trying are good employees as they prove that they never give up. Then given intensive training they will keep working regardless of anything.
Re: Joel on Resumes (response to post by TAG) | Reply
You might look at success too objectively when it is innately subjective..

I think it's fun and I would keep competing no matter what color I am - as for not giving up, sometimes life happens..
Re: Joel on Resumes (response to post by Larry) | Reply
"...sometimes life happens."

Not to geeks!