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help needed regarding career transition | Reply
Hi ,
Actually i have a 1yr experiance in J2EE, Portal & XML Technologies. and a good basic domain knowledge in Insurance. I would like to pursue my career in Insurance r Finance Corp. as a IT business analyst .. Does anyone have idea abt some Corp where they take technical people and make them understand their business.
Help me out. Tks,...
Re: help needed regarding career transition (response to post by jagan_net) | Reply
I know of someone who was in your situation. They had originally majored in applied math with some computing experience, and wanted to go into business analysis. Ended up starting his own company at the Mercantile Exchange, which is now pretty big. Maybe starting your own company is a good option if you have the right math background?
Re: help needed regarding career transition (response to post by fizzicks) | Reply
Yup thats my future plan.... But i need to get some Exp in the Industry .. i have just 1 yr and iam 21 now......
Could you please assist me with your friend ... to get some more idea regarding it...
Re: help needed regarding career transition (response to post by jagan_net) | Reply
You are certainly on the correct path if you want to pick up domain knowledge to augment your IT smarts. Too many programmers don't realize that a key to success in business is to know something about the business. Living in Cincinnati, OH, I always use the example that Procter and Gamble does not make computers. They make diapers, coffee, etc. The P&G IT staff is a necessary evil (I am stretching a little, but the point is there.) It's a nice place to work but you're always going to be overhead and not a profit center for them.

When I interviewed at Cincinnati Milacron, a machine tool builder, the interviews went smoothly because I already know what a machine tool was and how it worked. Those who interviewed me were relieved that they didn't have to spend 5 minutes explaining what the company did to earn money. That helped me get my foot in the door.

You might want to consider some of the licenses and certifications that are part of the insurance industry. I don't know what those are, but every insurance 'expert' I've ever dealt with had some string of letters after their name. Getting certified or licensed would prove to a potential employer that you are serious about building a career.