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Re: Recent Grad Having Trouble (response to post by tster123) | Reply
I quit Walgreens a week ago when I got a new job with a small software company doing software testing. I started last Wednesday. I'm still getting used to the new job, but it's a million times better than retail.
Re: Recent Grad Having Trouble (response to post by Elwaryn) | Reply

Re: Recent Grad Having Trouble (response to post by Elwaryn) | Reply
Congrats on the new job. I realize I am late, but I'll give you my 2 cents worth anyway, in case you decide to look again (or for others who may be in a similar boat). First, is that your college should be a big resource. It may be too late, since you have already graduated, but colleges want their students to get good jobs, and typically have a career services department explicitly to help with finding of jobs.

Second, the most reliable way of getting a job is that evil word, "networking". Again, your school may be of help here. My wife found her current job through a connection via the alumni association at her school. Also, remember that you are always networking. This doesn't mean that you should be phony and kissing up to people, but it does mean that you should be polite and professional at all times (i.e. don't tell off that boss/co-worker who *so* deserves it). Don't forget about friends and family that are in different fields, all types of companies hire IT, and you never know when they may know someone looking for an employee.
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