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Best Domains | Reply
I would like to know what are the best domains nowadays which have lucrative packages as well as have scope for more innovation.

Like, which field is at top notch right now , network security or databases or bioinformatics or Web Technologies ... ??

I would also like to know what technologies would help me in getting a pretty good paycheck .

I am currently a BTech CSE student into my final year.

Awaiting your Suggestions,
Thank You,
Re: Best Domains (response to post by divyaraja) | Reply
Perhaps I'm not the best person to give advice here, but just perhaps you should be examining where your true interests lie before deciding what you want to do. I think your choice should be made on much more than what will help you in "getting a pretty good paycheck".

Just my 2 cents worth.
Re: Best Domains (response to post by skye85) | Reply
thanks for the suggestion. I basically am interested in a fields which are challenging like network security , artificial intelligence , some sort of solving puzzles like in cryptography . I dont have that much of a interest in laborius fields like Langugage Translation, or databases .

Thank You,
Re: Best Domains (response to post by skye85) | Reply
I couldn't agree more with skye85 - if you do what interests you, chances are you'll get good at it, which may or may not result in large paychecks (but will result in more fun).

It seems that every area you mentioned has things inside it that could be improved on (like, if the web is more used, that'll mean more database technology is required and people will desire better security) - it really just depends on where you are for what type of work people want. {Here in Oz, most of the jobs I see advertised are for DB and network admin, or base level code churners.}

Oh, and if you want tough problems to solve with good paychecks, I've heard these problems pay out nicely ;)
Re: Best Domains (response to post by sql_lall) | Reply
On top of the excellent advice by skye85 and sql_lall, remember that the "hot" fields are cyclical, with the prime (and easy) example being the internet companies.. people were jumping into that hating it, but it was making good money, until it wasn't the hot thing anymore.

So go figure. That said, when you're good at what you do, it doesn't matter what field you're in, it'll pay well enough, and you might even enjoy it!