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Any recruitment for non-US people | Reply
Hello Admins/Resourcing executives

I see that TC seems to be recruiting a lot of people these days for the clients. Are there any openings that are open for non-US people ? I am quite curious if any of your clients are ready to sponsor H1B visas

One more thing, typically what is the general trend that you see from your clients for recruiting developers with around 2-3 years of experience in java. Im not sure with a green TC belt whether I'm eligible (atleast after competing some more TC design competitions) :)

Re: Any recruitment for non-US people (response to post by Winner5) | Reply

As a general rule larger corporations are willing and able to sponsor H1B and F1 visas for non-US citizens living and working in the US. It is more difficult for companies to bring people in from outside the US however. It is generally on a case by case basis which companies require US citizens or greencard holders, and which will sponsor visas.

We are actively placing TopCoder members at clients, and if you (or anyone else) is intersted in employment opportunities, but needs a sponsor for a visa, right now, UBS and VeriSign, TCO sponsors, would be your best bet. They are both actively pusuing TC members, and they have many great opportunities available.
Re: Any recruitment for non-US people (response to post by kclune) | Reply
I would like to request the Admins to brief about the eligibility criterion that the companies look for in TopCoders.
Re: Any recruitment for non-US people (response to post by guptavarun) | Reply
Generally employers are looking at the normal factors when recruiting TopCoder members such as past experience, communication skills, course of study in school and the like. What sets TopCoder apart from other headhunting agancies and recruiting resources is we have an objective way to rate someone's technical ability through competition and our rating system.

Companies also look at TopCoder ratings and know immediately whether a candidate is technically savvy. Now, that being said, a high TopCoder rating does not guarantee a job through TCES, nor does having a low or mid level rating disqualify someone. All employers are different and most are willing to hire just about anyone if they have the other traits that they are looking for in the employees.