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*jaw drops* | Reply

Marathon matches vs TCO...

I never quite expected Topcoder to take on BOTH chip giants as premier sponsors of 2 different forms of competition.

Astonishing. End-of-year sponsor BBQs at Topcoder are going to be... interesting. ;-)
Re: *jaw drops* (response to post by HiltonLange) | Reply
Yeah I was pretty surprised too. One great thing about this is now I'll allow myself to consider buying an AMD CPU for my next computer. (I've only bought Intel CPU's since they became a TC sponsor and only nVidia graphics cards since they became a TC sponsor).
Re: *jaw drops* (response to post by HiltonLange) | Reply
Nothing unexpected ;-)

AMD is super-good at producing excellent CPUs even for single threaded programs.
Intel pretends to be able deliver large scale systems and multi-threaded CPUs.
Re: *jaw drops* (response to post by TAG) | Reply
Wow TAG, I can see you've certainly got your opinions set about the relative merits of the chip companies!

Admins: Out of interest, what brand do the SRM/TCO testers run on?

(I personally run AMD at the moment, primarily because of cost/value factors, but I hate to risk becoming a technology bigot. I'm open to either company at any given time. Same for NVidia/ATI)
Re: *jaw drops* (response to post by HiltonLange) | Reply
I'll generally try everything (I have bought AMD and ATI before Intel and nVidia started sponsoring) and will usually go with whatever I consider best, but all else being equal (or even slightly against them) I prefer to go with a company that sponsors TopCoder.
Re: *jaw drops* (response to post by aussie) | Reply
I use the bank and cellphone company that sponsors South African cricket. ;-)
Re: *jaw drops* (response to post by HiltonLange) | Reply
are you a cricket fan?
Re: *jaw drops* (response to post by vinay.emani) | Reply
Obsessively so - yes.
Re: *jaw drops* (response to post by HiltonLange) | Reply
Our sports teams have so many sponsors that I don't usually pay much attention to them. I'm sure it's just by coincidence that my bank and my favourite drink both sponsor the Wallabies...
Re: *jaw drops* (response to post by HiltonLange) | Reply
I thought rugby and golf were the big South African sports?
Re: *jaw drops* (response to post by mess) | Reply
It's complicated. :)

1. Soccer
2. Rugby
3. Cricket

Those are the 3 BIG sports. Golf and tennis are big here too, and basketball increasingly.

It's complicated because of South Africa's history. Soccer is the major sport amongst Africans, but doesn't get as much sponsorship and exposure, and the facilities are less world class.

Rugby is the huge sport amongst the white Afrikaans people of Dutch/German descent, and was very much the "national sport" during apartheid.

Cricket is more of an Englishman's game, although it's got growing support from Africans as well.

Hope that clears it up!
Re: *jaw drops* (response to post by HiltonLange) | Reply
Hm, they never show cricket on TV here in Russia.

*Went to Wikipedia for the rules*
Re: *jaw drops* (response to post by Petr) | Reply
Baseball rules and statistics are actually roughly based on Cricket. The first stats guy was a cricket player. That is why walks are a punishment to pitchers and not a reward to batters.

[Edit: spelling fixed for aussie ;-)]
Re: *jaw drops* (response to post by mess) | Reply
You know what? I first watched baseball when I was in Los Angeles three years ago :)

They say there's some ancient Russian game ([lapta]) somehow related to baseball, but it's too ancient.
Re: *jaw drops* (response to post by Petr) | Reply
... "At the end of the match, the winner is the team that has scored the most runs. However, the game may run out of time before it is finished, in which case it is a draw, even if one team is overwhelmingly winning at that point." ...

Nice one.
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