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You... | Reply
crack me up Hilton - was a pleasure meeting you at the TCO!
Re: You... (response to post by Pops) | Reply
I was shattered to find the video on the front page.

Last time I checked, has no age-restrictions with net-nanny or any of the other child minder internet services. KIDS could be seeing this filth.

Pops - you're the only person I've ever met who laughs like the "nyuk nyuk nyuk" that they sometimes write in the comic books. Hoping to meet you all again in May!
Re: You... (response to post by HiltonLange) | Reply
Great, now I -have- to come. Opening sphere judge now...
Re: You... (response to post by HiltonLange) | Reply
I remember that conversation.. hahah.. someone was ranting about that too..