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Word Wrapping | Reply
This article needs some serious word wrapping.
Re: Word Wrapping (response to post by Enogipe) | Reply
Actually, what it neads is some &lt's instead of <'s. In IE, it looks like it lets you get away with using < if there's a space after it, but in the last code snippet, there is a i<n with no spaces that gets interpreted as some kind of tag that doesn't end until the end of the close pre tag (and the pre section doesn't get closed as a result).>
Re: Word Wrapping (response to post by Kawigi) | Reply
And, in addition, it looks like the TC forum engine added a '>' at the end of my post :-p
Re: Word Wrapping (response to post by Kawigi) | Reply
Thank you for catching this. Should be fixed now, but please let us know if there are any more issues.