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a question | Reply
contestants from some countries are not eligible to win cash prizes. will those unlucky contestants get ipod in the case they win the raffle? just interest.
Re: a question (response to post by satej) | Reply
People who are not eligible to receive cash prizes will not be included in the iPod drawing.
Re: a question (response to post by TheFaxman) | Reply
just another question. i can imagine that usa have some policy of not to giving money to the peoples of those country ( i am sorry if i am wrong). then do they have a reverse rule for their citizens that any citizen of usa can not take money from the organizations of those bad countries:D. dont mind.
Re: a question (response to post by satej) | Reply
I'm not sure if there's a law, per se, but when hurricane Katrina struck, the US rejected offers of aid from at least two countries - one which we currently have sanctions against, and another on which is a firm supporter of that country. So yeah, I guess you can say that the US doesn't take money from 'bad' countries.
Re: a question (response to post by DamnEcuadorian) | Reply
i see. thank you for your information.