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GCJ Ratings | Reply
Why does TopCoder require us to register seperately for the Google Code Jam competitions ? or this is a requirement from Google's side ?

Why dont (or shouldnt) the existing TopCoder ratings be used and updated for these competitions ?

I am aware that many non-members also participate in these events but I would be surprised to know if there are greater than 0.5% of them who do not become regular TopCoder members after GCJ.

Using the same ratings (just like TCO) for GCJ would also help in comparing the coders. For example: we can directly find out the ratings of members who qualified and advanced (the min cut-off, etc).

How close are the advancers' GCJ ratings as compared to their regular TopCoder ratings (for TC members ofcourse) ?
Re: GCJ Ratings (response to post by shalinmangar) | Reply
I believe the reason is that it's a private-label event run by Google. The difference between GCJ and other private label competitions, though, is that anyone can compete in the GCJ online (where most are going on at the site of some technology event, like the Java One conference).

I think the advancers' GCJ ratings are probably similar to their reagular TC ratings if they advance far enough, at least relative to others in the competition. The same can't be said for those eliminated early - some of them might have a similar rating, but many people just sort of fluked out.
Re: GCJ Ratings (response to post by shalinmangar) | Reply
The Google Code Jam and all private label events are executed by TopCoder for the company that is sponsoring the event. The rules, who can participate, the data collected etc. are decisions for the sponsoring company. The data collected isn't TopCoder's, and it may not be the same data as TopCoder collects. The sponsoring company may not want participants to have to become TopCoder members. The sponsor may not want the rules to be the same as TopCoder's normal rules.

These events seem to be somewhat confusing conceptually for regular TopCoder members. The thing to keep in mind here, is that they are not TopCoder competitions, TopCoder is simply providing a service.