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Foreign academic titles in a resume | Reply
I read on this board threads about what to write on a resume, but I have some doubts about how to list academic titles in a resume for a US (or UK) company.
I'm Italian, and the education system here is different, although similar: should I leave the Italian names for my titles or try to find an English equivalent, when applicable?
Can you give me any suggestion?

Thank you
Re: Foreign academic titles in a resume (response to post by thoth) | Reply
If I were reading such a resume I'd appreciate a "translation" of the level in parentheses after the real title. Many folks only have a few minutes to do the initial scan on resumes, so anything you do to make their life easier helps them to understand who you are. I'd try to be reasonably precise (for example if a particular degree is much like an American BS but includes a little more advanced work I'd include that in the information instead of "rounding down" to the BS). I'd also try to make a distinction between the American BS/MS and BA/MA degrees. Our Science degrees are more technically oriented while our Arts degrees are broader. They each have their pluses, depending on the employer so I'd try to give propsective employers an honest mapping of your education to the system with which they are accustomed.
Re: Foreign academic titles in a resume (response to post by thoth) | Reply
I have a similiar problem as thoth. Many of us in India study at universities which do not assign a GPA, but instead the marksheets mention the marks you scored in a subject.

Many US based and other companies require filling up the GPA when applying for internships/jobs. How to handle that ? Any suggestion ?
Re: Foreign academic titles in a resume (response to post by thoth) | Reply
You can contact official education evaluation companies to translate your degree to US one.
Here is sample list