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I am currently a student at ITT for my BSA in Software Engineering. I am trying to work my way into a computer job so that I can get some real world experience before I graduate. What certifications would compliment a BSA in Software Engineering that I could pursue now? I hope to be a jump ahead of other individuals that are getting the same degree that I am pursuing. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions?
Re: Certifications (response to post by quandary) | Reply
That really depends on what type of work you want to do after you graduate. There are certifications in just about every technology imaginable, so you should gear which certs you get based on where you would like to go in your career. If you want to do database development, Oracle, or SQL Server (or others). Java certs are always good. And so on and so forth.
Re: Certifications (response to post by quandary) | Reply
One way to get real-world experience that you can point to - and that is used in real client applications - would be to do component competitions. Win or lose you can show your actual work and show that it has been reviewed by experienced developers.

Just click on development on the red bar at the top of the page.
Re: Certifications (response to post by quandary) | Reply
This is just a personal opinion, but if I were you I wouldn't rely on certifications to differentiate myself from peers. Sure they're nice to have, but they won't add as much as you might think... unless you're looking for something very specific, like an Oracle job. Instead, I'd get involved in some programming projects -- either my own personal projects (perhaps a game, a neat little application, or a website that provides some interesting service), or an open source project that could benefit from more coders, or TopCoder Component competitions, of course! :)

The reason I think this is your best bet is that once you get an interview (shouldn't be too hard with a decent resume), you'll have plenty to talk about. These projects will let you prove that you already have some amount of good programming experience. They'll also show that you actually enjoy programming since you pursued these projects on your own. (as opposed to only doing your classwork)

Does IIT have any sort of co-op or internship program? Or at least some careers department of some sort? You might look there for more help.