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Good experience with TC Employment Service | Reply
I recently got a new job through TopCoder Employment Service. It has really been an exciting experience. The guys have been so helpful throughout the process. Honestly, I never thought I'd be able to get the job.

Truthfully, I was reluctant at first. The openings are definitely not in my field of expertise (I have telecom/datacom background), eventhough I'm confident I'll be able to adjust given the opportunity. The TC guys, however, did a great job convincing me to give it a shot. So, I did. I got a couple of screen calls and one onsite interview (I cancelled the second onsite interview since at one point, I got a really good offer from the first one and decided to accept it).

I was really nervous during the onsite interview, mainly because I was too excited to get this opportunity, plus I have almost zero-experience in the position I was applying for. I was pleasantly surprised that these interviewers really understood my situation and it turned out to be a really great interview. I am still very much impressed with the quality of the interviewers. Luckily, they like me, so I got this offer. I was also very excited because the offer is higher than what I expected. Since this job is local, and the company has impressed me so much, ... it was almost a no-brainer decision to me. So, I'd like to once again thank TopCoder for all their help throughout the process.

I have used services from other placement agencies, and they don't come close. Not all of them are bad, but these two things I noticed about most of these agencies are really annoying:
1. They don't follow up very well. They probably have more candidates and companies to worry about, but still.
2. When they come back to me, almost everytime they'll ask me to put more stuff in my resumes. Well, I might be missing one or two things in my resume, but they should not ask me to do this more than once. Sometimes, I wonder if they lost my resume, that's why they keep asking for updates.

I believe many of us have experienced frustrations when looking at openings which throw tons of requirements. Sometimes, it just seems impossible that there's actually a candidate who possesses all the listed requirements. Obviously, we can tweak our resumes here and there (like point no. 2 above) just to get a screen call and hopefully an onsite interview, but we better come prepared. I went thru those frustrations and I was really happy to find that both companies who interviewed me via TopCoder service really didn't mind about my background being different with theirs. All of the interviewers expressed their mindset to hire candidates who can do the work, have a good problem solving skills. And they are confident such candidates will be able to pick up the new stuff pretty quickly. Clearly, to us who are active in TopCoder, this is beneficial, and these companies are still actively looking for more candidates.

Anyway, I just want to share this positive experience, and I'd like to encourage other members to give it a shot.

Re: Good experience with TC Employment Service (response to post by turuthok) | Reply
Can Tc help someone to get a job in India?
Re: Good experience with TC Employment Service (response to post by sukhoi-30) | Reply
As I see you are a student, I am skeptic whether companies in India (leaving a few in the field of research) would like to use TopCoder services to recruit freshers.

If you are actively looking out for a job, you should explore the networks around you, contact people working in companies for referrals - including regional TC member groups.
Re: Good experience with TC Employment Service (response to post by sb99) | Reply
Thnx i'll try it.
But, how about getting references for studying abroad?