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Re: What am I missing? (response to post by gt494) | Reply
I am interested mostly in those companies you mentioned, so could you please roughly estimate terms of when you will start international hiring?
Re: What am I missing? (response to post by gt494) | Reply
I am a graduating senior and living in Idaho. I've been looking for a full time job since early February. Of course, my personal situation limits my ability to relocate. This seems to be a common issue with many other TopCoder members as well. Personally, I'd be open to contracting jobs where I don't have to work on site. It seems to me that this type of job would be ideal for many TopCoder members, especially for college students that need temporary employment, either for the summer or part-time during the school year.

I signed up for this service when I first recieved the email announcing it. However, I don't recall recieving any information about specific job openings. Now that I visit the page again, I see that the openings are listed there, but it is not obvious how to "apply" for a position. The description page for each company has links to "Register for this position" and this takes you to the same registration questions I filled out when I first registered. Do these registration links also send your information to the employer? There is no obvious indication that this is the case.

Another draw back for me is that I don't feel very qualified for many of the positions I find. I would only be comfortable applying for one of the jobs currently listed. There's a second one that I *might* fit, but I'm unsure enough that I question whether I should bother looking into it. Of course, this isn't limited to the jobs currently listed here at TopCoder. I feel the same about many of the jobs I find on Monster or other employment websites.

Anyway, that's my two cents about the situation. I'm not sure if I have any good suggestions about how to change things.
Re: What am I missing? (response to post by gladius) | Reply
I agree with gladius. The process is definitely unclear. I had initially signed up to test my chops in algorithms. I had no idea there was a recruiting wing. The only reason I now know is that one of the TC recruiters called me!

Maybe you need a separate portal with a distinct marketing message. To me, the TC brand means algorithm competitions. I have no stats, but I would guess that the vast majority of rated members are algorithm competitors, not design or development competitors.

Given that perception, even if I had known about the recruiting wing, I probably would never have tried. I'm a business intelligence / data warehousing developer. The most technical thing I do is SQL; no hardcore techie stuff here. To me, algorithms are for engineers, and I'm not an engineer.

To extend what CodeCruiser said, most development jobs are drudgery. You don't need to be a genius to do UI design, or to put together IBM mainframe reports. The idea that TC would offer those "normal" programming jobs goes counter to the perception that it is a hardcore, engineering site.

Hope this feedback helps, and good luck steering the brand. I'm working with one of your recruiters now and thus far, the experience has been great, even though nothing has come of it yet. I've worked with many recruiters in the past, and none come close.
Re: What am I missing? (response to post by gt494) | Reply
I'm in the same situation... I've said "yes" to every employment question except "are you a US citizen". :) Haven't had a single opportunity or approach.

The possible "in" with big international employers such as Google were a major reason for me doing Topcoder competitions - what am I missing? I figured I just need to get my rating higher, but the fact that one of the top reds is in the same situation says to me that the doors might just be closed on the international market. :(

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