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How will it work? | Reply
How will it all work? Will there be a web page listing the current positions/contracts? Will we bid/compete on rates? Is there any feedback? etc...
Re: How will it work? (response to post by Pops) | Reply
TopCoder deals with top tier employers who are looking to hire the kind of developers only TopCoder can contact now, but for this forum we're trying to offer an "inside view" from a tech. recruiter. It's your chance to get some straight advice from "the other side of the fence" as far as negotiating salary, what to expect, etc.

You might have noticed some of the jobs that have been posted lately on TopCoder. We've been contacting members that appear to be qualified for the past few months. If you'd like to know more about those jobs, just register with TopCoder Placement and let us know you're interested.

BUT... for this forum we'd like it to be a open and frank forum for career advice.

Re: How will it work? (response to post by harvey6ft) | Reply
fyi ... here is the site harvey6ft is referring to:

I also wanted to mention that the list of clients posted on the site is only a subset. Due to some legal restrictions with some organizations we can't post their logo and specific job description on the TC website. So once we find a member in the system that matches the profile we are looking for we will contact the member and disclose the company's name and job description. We did send out an email yesterday with the “types” of positions available. Here is the body of that email:

- A technology global leader in distributed computing solutions and services is looking for developers with experience in C, C++, and DNS Services.

- An entertainment company in New York City is looking for fulltime developers with experience in J2ME, XML, and general Java server side architecture.

- A health services company located in Tampa, Florida is looking for bright developers with experience in Microsoft technologies. VB experience is a plus.

- A financial services company in Stamford, CT is looking for developers with strong experience in .Net and C++ technologies that will be working on high volume trading systems.

- Extraordinarily gifted computational chemists, biologists, and other computational scientists are sought to join a rapidly growing New York-based research group that is pursuing an ambitious, long-term strategy aimed at fundamentally transforming the process of drug discovery.

- A book publishing company located in Sebastopol, CA is looking to hire developers with experience in Perl, Java, XML, MySQL and Linux.

- Gaming company with development centers across the US is looking for gaming developers that have previous experience in game development.

- A small startup in Seattle, WA is looking to hire senior level programmers with experience in MFC, Visual C++, and knowledge of relational databases.

- Pharmaceutical company with offices in Boston, MA and San Diego, CA is looking for fulltime and contract developers with J2EE experience.

- A software product company located in San Francisco, CA is looking for C and C++ developers to work on applications that support transactional data management systems.