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More about Round 6 | Reply
The site has two different dates and times listed for Round 6. On the Tournaments Overview page, it says:

06/18 08:30 PM - 06/19 12:30 AM
Single Round Match VI

I can't currently load the page when I click on the link, but it has a different time, but both are on 6/18. I assume that is the correct one, instead of registration on the 18th and the actual round on the 19th, right?

Re: More about Round 6 (response to post by Code-Guru) | Reply
Sorry for the confusion, Code-Guru. The times on the Tournament Overview page reflect the entire span of time for registration and competition. The detail page for Single Round Match VI is correct (it is now loading). Registration from 8:30 to 9:45. Competition starts at 10:00. chuck