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Escape sequences not allowed in strings | Reply
When entering a String argument to be used in testing or challenging a problem, escape sequences are not treated as such. There is therefore no way to pass a String argument to a method to be tested that contains newlines, tabs, or anything of the sort.
Re: Escape sequences not allowed in strings (response to post by slinky) | Reply
I'd argue that this is a good thing, and definitely not a bug. True, contestants should probably be writing their code to properly deal with unicode characters and such, but if at this point it were suddenly able to add them, it would open up an opportunity to be able to challenge a good percentage of people's code.
However, if at some people someone _does_ find a way to pass in special characters (especially characters with integer values of over 255), then it should be made easier to pass in these characters so that this technique can't be used as a weapon by the people who know how to do it.
Re: Escape sequences not allowed in strings (response to post by spindown) | Reply
I'd go so far as to suggest the validator explicitly disallow Unicode until such a time as a consensus of coders ask to have it added, and it's clearly stated that we should expect to deal with it. I'm of the opinion that we're not here to measure innovative ways to get around the input validator - we're here to test our overall skill as coders. If we want Unicode, I'm all for it - but right now there's an assumption being made that it's not legit, and I don't see any reason to change that. If I'm in the minority, I'll support Unicode - but I don't currently believe the majority of coders want it at this time.
Re: Escape sequences not allowed in strings (response to post by slinky) | Reply
You can paste special characters in if your operating system supports it. You can also input chars that are less than 256 directly using the alt+numpad combo. I think the newline is alt+13, tab is alt+9 or something.

For characters above the ascii standard, most os will not paste them correctly as far as I can tell. In Windows 2000 I can paste unicode from a program that supports unicode, but only if I do it one character at a time. I couldn't get Windows 98 to paste them at all (it does a mod 256 on everything as far as I can tell).

I think that unicode should be disabled by the tester (unless you are going to make it easier then this) because the support on different platforms is sketchy. I would definitely like to hear an official policy on this. Personally I think the people coding with char[256] are building the buffer overflows of the future, but it's a very subjective issue.