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Re: Cut/Paste (response to post by Pops) | Reply
After an hour of research on cut/paste & applets - I found I needed to add the following to my default policy.file:

grant CodeBase "" {
permission java.awt.AWTPermission "accessClipboard";

That seems to have done the trick...
Re: Cut/Paste (response to post by Soli) | Reply
What do you mean by 'misconfigured'? I simply CTRL-C'd from CodeWarrior (puts the text into the clipboard) then pressed CTRL-V in the applet - nothing was pasted.
Re: Cut/Paste (response to post by Pops) | Reply
I cut and paste stuff into the applet from other programs all the time. I think you have something misconfigured.

Cut/Paste | Reply
I like being able to cut/paste code within the applet - but why isn't it possible to cut/paste code from an application into the applet?

Because of the prior problem (in a different note) - I had coded stuff in CodeWarrior and tried to paste it into the code area - no go.