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troubleshooting disconnect/logout during coding | Reply
During round II, I was disconnected/logout'd about 7 times during the coding phase. Each time I had to login again and lost the more recent code changes. This occurred several times while saving or compiling a problem. A couple questions:

1. Is this typical? Are other users experiencing these symptoms?

2. Any advice on troubleshooting this? Is it more of a server or a client issue? Which might have the most effect: increased bandwidth, decreased latency, more power on the client?

Thanks for your help.
Re: troubleshooting disconnect/logout during coding (response to post by alexcchan) | Reply
i'm very curious about this problem, since a couple of other coders had mentioned this. did you get disconnected while you were moving, or just while you were coding? i'm tempted to say that if it happened while you were coding, it was probably an issue with your connection and not ours; otherwise everyone would've gotten dropped. could you do us a favor and email us at with all your system specs, including OS, connection speed, browser, etc.? thanks.