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General statistics page error | Reply
Check out the point totals for room 5 in the 4/21 round; they are all wrong (sum the first three columns, you don't get the fourth). I've also seen the same problem on the general statistics page of various betas. This problem should be fixed before it affects advancement in the next contest round. Also, when I tried to go back and see the round 1 general statistics, I got a site navigation error.

Re: General statistics page error (response to post by dpecora) | Reply
we are aware that some of the statistics for round 2 seem to be wrong. it turns out that the challenges for about 5 or 6 coders were never recorded to the database, making it look like points were incorrectly calcualted. however, final points seem to be right, so it should not have any effect on rating or advancement. we are looking into the problem right now.

as for general stats from round 1, you must have tried to view them just as we were refreshing the data. if you check now and they still aren't working, please contact us. thanks.