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appletviewer? | Reply
Can you please post a link to the url of the applet you are using for the tournament? It would be nice to be able to compete from my Linux box (appletviewer for jdk1.3 works fine, the plugin does not) instead of walking across campus. Thanks.

Also how are you addressing the fact that the applet is in Java and can be reverse engineered and security holes exploited? Might be a concern when you get more users.
Re: appletviewer? (response to post by unlord) | Reply
Okay, never ask someone when you can do it yourself:


Seems to work fine for me. Now to download the jar file and see how badly the client is writen >:)
Re: appletviewer? (response to post by unlord) | Reply
make sure you get back to us on that one. we're eager to hear your response ;-)